Sunday, 28 February 2010

tasty burgers in 20 mins

1/2 a tray of mince
1garlic clove
small slice of ginger
1/2 green chilli
2 tsp salt

left over rice
1/2 tin of harracot beans

squish the beans
grate the ginger and garlic
chop as small as possible the chilli

place the mince in a bowl and add all the ingredients.
Mash down with hands mixing all the ingredients in together

take a palm of meat and roll squishing so that the mixture holds firmly together.
this will make 8 small burgers
grill on a med/high heat for about 8 mins each side. Keep an eye and when they are lightly brown they are probably done.

We used a cookie cutter to make a large and small circle from a slice of bread. Place a large circle on the bottom and the small ontop.

For a dressing we used the tom base for the spicy pizza with some yoghurt and mayo.
yummy 5

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